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Average price for Primary: € 35.96

Average price for Secondary: € 34.03

Average price for Third Level: € 32.99

Do you excel at getting top exam marks? Do you want to earn some extra money? Find that advertising for grinds is a lot of hassle? Click below to register your details on and let us do all the hard work for you

Are you looking for grinds? Finding it hard to find one close to you? We aim to provide grinds for every educational level from primary to third level so click here to begin your search for a grind near you!

1. How does the website work?
2. Does the site cost any money to use?
3. Why do I need to register on the website?
4. What happens if I need to change my details which I have registered?
  • Maths grinds
  • French grinds
  • Accounting grinds
  • German grinds
  • Biology grinds
  • Irish grinds
  • English grinds
  • Economics grinds
  • Chemistry grinds
  • Junior cert grinds is a free website for grinds which has been set up in response to a gap in the market for a place where students and tutors can find each other for grinds.
We aim to take the effort out of getting or giving grinds and to have the resources at your fingertips so that you can access them anytime.
For tutors, in these difficult times it is always good to be able to pick up some extra cash. However, it can be difficult to advertise your services if you are tutor,
where do you do it, what do you say not to mind the effort that goes into writing, printing and putting up signs or spreading the word that you’re giving grinds.
We have also thought of asking you to fill out a detailed registration form which will provide immediate answers to students who may be interested in grinds so that anyone who does contact you is genuinely interest in grinds and not wasting your time.
We’ll everything to get you started, all you need to do is register, then sit back and watch the grinds roll in.
Similarly for students getting a grind, it can be hard to know what you’re getting when you sign up for a grind. It is now more important than ever that you are able to make the most of your grinds in order to get ahead of the pack.
We have a comprehensive registration form for tutors to fill out, this gives you more information about their qualifications, rates and any other relevant information.
This feature can save you time as you will know a lot of the answers to your questions before you contact them and will save you making pointless calls.
The aim of is a one stop shop for educational needs at all levels from primary to third level. It is a free website in which it is easy to search for a grind or to register to give a grind