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Here at we have been thinking of all of this for awhile, so we forget that you don`t know as much about the website as we do! We have answered a few frequently asked questions, however, if yours is still not there send us an email at and we`ll get right back to you.
1.How does the website work?
Tutors: Simply register your details, when a student does a search they will be presented with them and then able to contact you.
Students: Simply search for the subject you are looking for at the level which you require. Your options for tutors will then be brought up on screen.
2.Does the site cost any money to use?
No the site is free to use for all tutors and students.
3.Why do I need to register on the website?
For tutors - We need you to register so that we have your details for students to access as well as so we can see what areas we can help to provide tuition in.
For students - Registering with us means that we can provide you with a much higher level of service as we can now see exactly who is looking for grinds and what they are looking for grinds in.
This should enable us to provide a better service for you.
4.If I register on the website will my information be passed on to third parties?
No we do not pass on any information which is registered on the website.
5.What happens if I need to change my details which I have registered?
Simply amend your details when you log into the site and resave them .
6.Is responsible for collecting money or paying money for grinds?
No, does not get involved in the actual transaction between tutor and student. is simply a website which lists tutorials which can be provided. It is the responsibility for both parties to negotiate the price and payment of the grind between themselves .
7. Can I advertise something other than grinds on the website?
Yes we`d be more than happy to discuss advertising your product with you on our website. If you would like to contact us in order to further discuss advertising with us we would be delighted to hear from you.
If there are any questions we have forgotten, please remind us, click here to send us an email